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What Is Urban Fashion Clothing?


Ever since time could tell, people have been communicating their personality through their dressing, some consciously others not. Even though this form of expression is still in use today what many people fail to understand is what it takes to make of some clothing fashion. Urban fashion is one dressing style and approach that has managed to hold its own for long enough. In most cases we've worn this fashion clothing this fashion without our knowledge, the following are what constitutes this kind of urban fashion and should help us make a clear distinction.


Hip hop wear


Hip hop wear is basically the most common and easily recognizable urban fashion clothing and also the ultimate height of one's expression through clothing. It is the most simple and ultimate form of expression anyone can embrace. You can significantly tell this category of clothing from both the guys and girls wears, guys wear loose o stretch jeans with huge sweatshirts and huge shoe pairs whereas girls wear tight trousers with loose blouses. Initially this type of urban fashion clothing was meant to create a flashy statement and was majorly worn for dancing competition. If you want to read more about urban clothing, you can visit


Street wear


This is the ultimate form of urban fashion and as its name suggests the whole concept was born out of the street. It is also at the street that also an individual is able to appreciate the whole beauty that comes with this type of fashion. This fashion is easily noticeable from both the dressing styles and shoe types. Another thing worth noting is the dressing. In terms of Urban Streetwear Clothing both guys and girls will wear denim, corduroy, skinny pants and hooded sweatshirts. On the other hand the common cloth wears for both guys and boys are skinny pants, corduroy and denim pants. Color and printed graphic clothes are the most common observable feature with this fashion.


Skate wear


This kind of mens urban clothing fashion is not a common type to most individuals, this is majorly attributed to the fact that it is complex to pull it together. This fashion style is characterized by the hooded sweatshirts, denim pants and tank tops however it's the shoes that make this fashion one to look out for. The shoes are made with special materials to help them withstand the pressure and work effectively. They are designed with built-in arc supporters with thickly paddled sides, tops and tongues. Their laces too are thick and tough to help them not break easily. The soles should be rubber made in order to provide the required grip between the shoe and the board. Apart from the skating shoes the hooded sweatshirts, tank tops and denim pants are also a notable clothing feature for this fashion.


From the above it is evident that urban fashion uses different texture, color and attitudes to bring out a good personality. Therefore with this knowledge choosing a fashion style that will clearly communicate your personality will be a very easy task.

Post by urbanfashionguide (2015-12-29 23:40)

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